• Nicole Ammon

Mom-in' it , Wife-in' it all while managing your business successfully (Sort of)

So don't be mislead by the title. I have no idea what I'm doing. But through trial and error over the years I feel like I am doing a decent job managing it all (wait, No, just kidding everything just all fell apart) Isn't that how being a working Mom feels? You are a warrior who is constantly putting out fires of all kinds ( potty training accidents to last minute client cancelations) and you have gotten DAMN good at it. That's how I feel.

I have struggled with feelings of guilt regarding putting time and effort into my business when I feel like that piece of me could (and should) be given to my family. But, I've realized that I am happier, and more fulfilled, and an all around better wife and mama when I ALSO work. I am fortunate to truly love what I do. So it doesn't ever feel like "work", but that doesn't mean it is easy. Being successful in any capacity requires hard work (duh!) and thats the hardest part. Being a mommy is a hard job, THE HARDEST (and most rewarding) job in the universe. So adding anything else to your fuller-than-full time mom-job can seem daunting.

I wish someone would have told me a long time ago, to let go of that guilt. (Mom guilt is a doozy, amirite??) You live YOUR best life. One that works for YOU and your family. You won't ever be able to give anything the time, love and attention it needs if you are feeling bad and guilty while you are doing it. And if (and when) Judgy Mc-Judgerson has something to say about you being a business woman AND a mommy (or going back to work or being selfish for not staying at home 100% of the time, or, or or) let them say what they'd like. That's their "stuff". Don't let that sink in. Think of yourself as that mom warrior, and get out your shield and deflect any negativity or "junk" that's not meant for you.

Now that I am a mom I am so very amazed by mothers and how truly amazing they are. So whether you want to work from home, or stay at home with your littles or open a new business, or climb Mt Everest,

or WHATEVER the F you want to do, just know that you CAN. Mama's make the world go round. Seriously. Really, they handed you a tiny human and sent you on your way (insert "Oh Shit" 1st time Mom feelings here) You my dear, can do anything.

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